About us

The shop “Daba” is like a neverending story – the fantasy and the conviction that in Latvia we HAVE, we CAN and we CREATE; but the main thing is that “Daba” can put all the unique CREATors’ masterpieces under one roof.


Since we already had had the roof, only the CREAtors were missing. To spot THEM, we climbed the beanstalk up in the sky and there they were: artists, craftmen, home producers, but above all we saw a combination of tradition and creativity. “Daba”noticed them and they noticed us. Since that day things got busy – our shelves are now full of new talented “stories”, where everyone can come and “read” or to take home their favorite “stories”.


Here you will find delicious food “stories” from the best Latvian producers, design and craftsmen “stories”, finery and gift “stories” and now even foreign eco products, cosmetic and food “stories” have found their place in our shelves.


Come, find your own story, take it with you and become a part of this neverending story!